RideAsia First Aid Training Special offer and some useful information


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Mar 29, 2015
I spoke to Phil and got his permission to post this as it is something that may save lives.

My Name is Barry Main, a few of you will already know me, I have been an Emergency First Response Instructor for 10 years now and will provide some possibly live saving information here for riders who venture into remote locations or just down the street, even at home where 85% of Heart failures occur.

Some Facts:
Thailand has Good Samaritan laws that protect anyone with training in first aid if they come to assist an injured person, you cannot be sued under law for providing care you are trained in. A Layperson is not protected and not meant to provide care, they can of course assist by calling in Thailand 191 which is Police headquarters, this is the old emergency number and is being changed over as most officers do not speak Thai and the process is slow to dispatch EMS (Emergency Medical Services) to your location, the new number 1669 is manned by trained paramedics who are bilingual and very good up to date information about the closest EMS to your location.

How long can we survive without food? – About 2 weeks
How long can we survive without water? – About 2 days
How long can organs survive without Oxygen? – About 8 minutes before brain damage sets in and kidney failure starts.

With this in mind it is important that Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is provided quickly and properly to increase the chance of survival, we breathe air that is about 16% Oxygen and only use about half of that O2, so when providing what we call rescue breaths to a patient there is enough O2 to prevent organ failure when given with chest compressions in the correct way.
But how much will CPR alone help? It will increase chances of surviving a heart failure where the heart stops from a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is only around 5%.

Typical CPR Training on a manikin

How can we increase our chances?
By using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in the first 20 minutes of SCA or heart failure we increase the chance of survival by 50%-75% over just CPR alone, that’s a pretty big increase.


To be able to perform CPR and use an AED in Thailand you need to take a course and be assessed by an instructor,
We are offering RideAsia/Ulysses members a 700 baht per person discount on this ½ day course which is normally 4,500 baht per person (this price is normally for Bangkok run courses)

The course will be 3,800 baht per person with a minimum class size of 10 people, this provides you with an Internationally recognized certification in CPR and AED usage which is valid for 2 years.

So we just need 10 members who want to take the course and we will come to Chiang Mai and run the course for you and provide the certifications. If we get more than 10, I will run a second course or more. I would ask for a 2,000 baht deposit per person for those who want to take the course, this will reserve your place and allow me to send you the courseware for some pre class study.

If you wish to purchase an AED to take on remote rides or just have at home we are also able to offer a special price which is the lowest price on an AED in Thailand, rated the best unit and FDA approved please message me for the special price.

Defibtech AED's Lifeline and Lifeline View

Any questions just pop me a message, call me 085 287 7985 or post here or read more about this at our company website


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Mar 29, 2015
If there is anyone wanting to take part in the course and do not require the international certification we can provide the course at 2,000 baht per person, you will receive a certificate stating you have completed the course to a satisfactory level issued by myself, a qualified EFR instructor.
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