Phrao Wow


Oct 5, 2014
Chiang Mai Thailand
650 V-Strom
After going through Chiang Dao on the 107, turn right towards Phrao on the 1150 and then left (north) at Pang Mayao. This road is not marked on maps but is a well formed dirt road that runs parallel with a cast mountain range on your left. Follow this for about 30 klm’s for some great riding through a valley with beautiful mountains on either side until you arrive at the junction with the 1346. Turn right (south) on the 1346 for some excellent riding on sealed road for about 20 klm’s to a small sealed road that heads east across the top end of a large valley north of Phrao. You will eventually come out at Mae Kon reservoir which is a great place to stop for a look and maybe a swim. Retrace the track back south for about 2 klm’s and turn left (east) and start the climb into the mountains on the dirt track that is at times steep and loose but through beautiful forest with superb views over Phrao, Chiang Dao peak and all the nearby ranges. The dirt track continues through some remote country at altitudes of 1,600 meters with challenging riding on single and double track through jungle and forest with the occasional spectacular views. The dirt track eventually gives way to a newly constructed concrete road that is a truly fantastic ride all the way back to the junction with the 1150. Turn right to head back to Phrao or left to the junction with the 118, either way offers excellent riding on endless twisties through the mountains.

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