Nan-Ban Nam Tong-Ban Nam Pu 7-12-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 1168, 1258, Unknown

Total distance 194 km

I went to the Honda shop first thing to get my tyres changed and I notice the dog with the different coloured eyes was running around

I certainly got my moneys worth out of that back tyre, yesterdays trip completely wore the tread off

With new tyres fitted and a much nicer feeling bike I head off along the 1168

The Wa river has a reasonable flow here

A brilliant road is the 1168

About nineteen km before Ban Nam Tong the road narrows but its still a good surface

In Ban Nam Tong lots of the kids are in their costumes

I ride through Ban Nam Tong on a concrete road that stops at N18.44.784 E101.11.291

Everyones busy making the costumes

This sign made me laugh, apparently this is a child friendly school, I thought thats what they were all meant to be

Time to ride back

A little bit of haze but I musnt grumble, I heard from a workmate in the UK yesterday and he said none of them have worked for eight days now because of the snow and frosts
My lodger said that they couldnt leave the house from last wednesday to friday because of the snow, plus its minus 10C at my house in the UK

I take a left and ride to Ban Nam Pu

A few sacks of maize there coming out from the fields

I reach Ban Nam Pu and one of the kids doesnt look too happy

The asphalt road finishes at N18.36.877 E101.00.330

The maize I saw earlier about to be tipped into that lorry

There is a concrete track that runs out of the village and stops at N18.36.655 E101.00.392, these tell me that I can ride on but I decline, the gps shows nothing

The bridge over the Wa but I definitely have no interest in trying to ride across, its a very fast flowing river thats too deep to risk dropping the bike in

Rather him than me

This chap took it very gingerly across

My gps shows the 1258 crossing the river and carrying on to the 1243, my Thinknet map does too but I think I will try to find the track from the other end

The twisting 1258, I ride back home along the 1168 until I take a right at N18.47.430 E100.50.130 onto an unnumbered road that joins the 1169 at N18.47.490 E100.47.694

A steak, ale and vegetable pie with a double portion of fries at Tonys Place tonight for 159 Baht, typical British pub food and was it filling, in fact I even left some of the pastry as I was stuffed, a first for me I think.
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