Nan-1256-Huai Kon-Nan Loop 8-12-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 1169, 1081, 1256, 1081, 1080

Total distance 314 km

Heading out of town on the 1169 where the road widening is taking place, I have always loved this curving well surfaced road and I think it wont be the same fun once its been widened, lots of the trees will disappear along with some of the tight twisty curves

On the 1256 I see a few big bikes out today

Quite hazy in places now

The lovely 1256

I stop at the viewpoint to put my pullover on as its freezing right up this high

By the time I reach Bo Kluea the temperature is a lot warmer and I take a left onto the 1081

Further on and the surface isnt so good but its not as bad as I expected

Theres been a big landslip here

Even the safety barrier is nearly in the river

The Nan river must have flooded badly this year even up here

Thats one wonky bridge

The scenery is superb as always

Getting closer to Huai Kon and the surface is better

This reservoir was actually over flowing

After Huai Kon and the road becomes the 1080 and its on towards Nan

I finally got to try one of Tonys burgers tonight, lovely it was too, I was full up with this plus a portion of chips which together came to only 119 Baht.
Get the gdb file here
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