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Dec 30, 2013
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You will have many a great trips ahead of you on that bike…👍

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Aug 15, 2012
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The bike looks great. I'd have rather been on a 500X on the weekend than the GS1200.... mostly because of the lower weight and in my case better riding position


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Jan 14, 2011
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There is a little bit of vibration through the throttle side of the handle bars, which I didn’t notice when I had my wife on the back!
Vibration or a slight buzziness? I was asked to do the break-in kilometers on a new 500X for a rental company here in CNX a couple of years ago - thought it was a smooth runner up/down through the gears.

But then, WTF do I know, my first "big bike" was a 1945 Indian Chief? The bar ends moved (vibrated) up and down 20 + mms at idle or any speed. The H-D I had next, a 45 cubic incher, had the same bar end movement, as did the next H-D. I logged a lot of miles on those three motorcycles, thought nothing of vibration. Part of the evening check-list was to tighten nuts and bolts from a day of vibrating. Photo is my '46 Indian Chief - vibration is part of the operating function, let's you know the beast is running.

I suspect you'll not find your 500X needing any evening wrenching to keep things like the front fender from falling off the next day (part of my Indian and H-D learning curve) . As you noted, the vibration wasn't there with the lady on the back - if going solo load your top box with 40-50 kilos of bagged cement?

My take-away on your Honda - great choice, one or two-up, with or without the kilos on the back. Give us a little reportage after 1,000 kms?

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