Labrang / Xiahe (Gansu)


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May 6, 2013
Red China
Xiahe (Labrang) has all sorts of accommodation (backpackers, hotels and hostels), several types of cuisine and restaurants like Gesar Restaurant, Snowy Mountain Cafe, Nomad Restaurant, Tsewong's Cafe, Everest Cafe but the real standouts after spending a week in the Xiahe (Labrang) region are NIRVANA BAR + RESTAURANT = and the outstanding resort at the Sanke Grasslands near Xiahe (Labrang) called NORDEN CAMP =

Nirvana Hotel, Restaurant & Bar was started by Wandhikhar and Clary van Meijel. Wandhikhar is a Tibetan native of Xiahe, a small town located in the Tibetan autonomous region of Gansu province, China. Clary is from Holland. She came to Xiahe more than 10 years ago , met Wandhikhar , and never left again. In November 2013 the Nirvana Restaurant & Bar was opened. It was an immediate success. In August 2014 the Nirvana Hotel was opened and more info via the Nirvana Hotel website =

The Norden Camp is an opportunity for the visitor to experience Tibetan culture and outdoors in style and comfort. It is situated 20 minutes out of Labrang, the famous Tibetan monastic town in the Tibetan Autonomous Kenlho Prefecture, Gansu Province, China. The site, a winter grazing area for local nomads is a stunningly beautiful area that covers 11 hectares, borders a meandering river and is the home of hares and marmots, foxes, gazelles, many birds including pheasants. The camp is covered in flowering bushes, trees, and a carpet of flowers in summer. From May, the flowering plants and bushes bloom in stages; pink, then yellow and multi colored flowers that continue to bloom into October. More info via the Norden Camp website =

Had many "yuck" burgers around the world but the simple and super tasty YAK BURGERS prepared and served at Norden Camp (Sanke Grasslands) are out of this world, lets not forget so is the local yoghurt with honey and the fresh salads....

NORDEN CAFE (facing the Labrang Monastery, great spot in the afternoon sun), great coffee and cakes...



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Jan 11, 2011
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Civil Avaition Hotel

Probably the biggest hotel in Labrang. Secure parking, hotel is about 800 meters from the Monastery.

Hard to get the price down, depending on time of year rooms are 550-650 RMB


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