KTM 790 Adventure


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First Look At The 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R

Maybe it will look better in Tango Orange :hmm
IMO as I said before it could be the bike to have.
400km range just over 200 kg WET.
105 HP or maybe a bit more?
Ticks many boxes IMO.
Depending on the landed Thai price and KTM sorting out a good dealer network here in Thailand.
Intresting to here about the location of the fuel tank.
The new factory being consucted now by KTM-CFmoto in China will be producing the new 790 ADV bike.
Here are some pictures from Eicma have to say it looks better than the images we have seen, the fuel tank looks cool and the seat height looks reasonable.

Price indications so far in Germany and France show the 790 coming in at 450k baht for the standard model and 480k for the R, will be interesting to see what they pitch it at when it comes to Thailand.

Full article here. KTM 790 Adventure R Price Revealed

Here is a very detailed walk around the new R model, sorry subtitles only but these guys tell it like it is.

First professional rider reviews of the 790R., overall i think they like it.

I said along time back
IMO the KTM 790 ADV BIKE will be a very good bike to consider.
It ticks a lot of box's
I think the key thing is going to be availability and dealer after service Steve, as we know KTM in Thailand is not renowned for it customer care.
Yes Bob you are correct
But that said when CFmoto get here in Thailand, then I see it will be a CFmoto /'KTM dealer set up.
And CFmoto has the money and the insight to have a dealer in EVERY MAIN TOWN in Thailand.
Only time will tell.
Did anyone on here buy one? I am in Chiang Rai and thinking of getting one top replace my Duke 390. The suspension is its main selling point for Thai roads. Plus its economy.
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