Goodbye Little Brother, Rest In Peace


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Jun 14, 2011
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You may or may not have heard of a truly horrific motorcycle accident in Rayong province last Saturday......

Our motorcycle club lost it's newest and youngest Member, Eddie Viding, last Saturday night. Eddie was riding his ER6N when he was in a head on collision with a pick-up and died instantly.

I first met Eddie as our Nagas Motorcycle Club was born almost exactly 10 years ago. He was the son of one of our founding Members (now President), was a young kid of 15..... and you could already see his heart was on 2 wheels!

Our Club Membership has grown, varied, changed, evolved, split apart, re-grouped, gone sober, gone crazy, gone touring and become a strong band of Brothers..... and always, always there was Eddie, until very recently always on the periphery, wanting in, biding his time, growing up, joining in on some stuff, staying a very strong willed and independent young man on other stuff..... but always there.

And then..... a short while ago...... 4 weeks in fact...... Eddie was voted in as a full club Member..... our little Brother. I did not get the chance to speak to Eddie face to face recently, but we shared emails and messages, particularly about his epic Rayong - Hat Yai - Rayong overnighter (on his Kawasaki), and a trip he was planning to come to Chiang Mai to see us (on his classic chromed H-D Springer)..... I am absolutely certain he would have worn the "Phaiyanaak" with pride...... Eddie I am so sorry your official patching in didn't happen in our lifetime but man...... you get to wear these Colours from now to eternity. Wear them well old son..... we will never forget you.

Rest In Peace Bro'

If any riders are in the Chonburi/Rayong area this weekend and want to pay your respects to a fallen biker, the service will be at Wat Pa Kram, Laem Mae Phim, this Sunday at 14.00.

There will be a Motorcycle procession from Buffalo Bills Restaurant at the head of LMP Beach Road to the Temple..... meet at the restaurant at 12.00, bikes will roll at 13.00. All welcome.




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Aug 15, 2012
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Best wishes to all who knew your friend, Eddie.


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Feb 1, 2013
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I myself am lost for words, better use my favorite witers words:

Let your heart be at peace.
Amidst the rush of worldly comings and goings,
observe how endings become beginnings.

Things flourish, each by each,
only to return to the Source....
to what it is and what is to be.

To return to the root is to find peace.
To find peace is to fulfill one's destiny.

Verse 16, Tao Te Ching.

My wife mentioned this accident a couple of days ago during our daily SKYPE call.
I hope the service tomorrow sees the biggest ride out possible, I will be there in my heart.
My deepest condolences for family, friends and his fellow bikers.
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