Dirt Worx Pattaya


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Apr 25, 2011
New service shop for dirtbikes. It is a very clean shop. They seem specialized in suspension work and stock some Öhlins parts for KLX250 and CRF250.

Map and contact info
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Jan 22, 2011
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Last November, I went with Nightrider to this shop. Here's an update and more info:

Dirt WorX is a nice upscale shop, and is currently open 11:30am-5:30pm
Mon thru Sat. However, as the owner, Phil, has a regular full-time job and
is also the shops' mechanic, until further notice most service problems
can be resolved only when he is there.

The shop has a well equipped service bay, stocks MX gear, and offers a good
selection of lubricants: synthetic oils, fork & air filter oils, cleaners and chain lube
products suitable for any motorcycle. New Husqvarna's are also available on order.

Phil is an avid rider, and excellent mechanic who works only on MX bikes.
Just don't expect same-day service!!

For questions or to learn when the the mechanic will be on duty:
Phil - mobile: 086 035 0636

The shop is located in Pattaya's Dark Side; stop by for a look even if they aren't open:
From Sukhumvit, go east on Siam Country Club road, 4.5km to PhonPrapha Rd (the
intersection is the only one with a stop light/signal, sometimes unlit). Turn left (north) on
PhonPhaPra and on the left is a long row of shop houses. Dirt WorX is the last shop
at the end of the row.

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