Customs formalities at Thai-Laos Border crossings

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Jan 29, 2011
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Customs formalities at Thai-Laos Border crossings

When crossing the border to Laos on a Thai registered vehicle you have to fill in a few forms on the Thai side with regard to the motorbike/car. These forms can be found here and can be downloaded for free:

The TM2 form needs to be filled in duplicate as the Immigration will give you 1 copy back stamped with the date which you then take to customs. Customs will print out another form called the "Simplified Customs Declaration Form" shown below.

At the bottom of this form is a "Guarantee Agreement" which indicates the latest date you have to bring the vehicle back into Thailand. Failure to do so will cost you 1000 Baht/day with a maximum of 20000 Baht

In case the vehicle is not registered in your name, you will need Authorization from the owner to take the vehicle out of the country. If you rent a vehicle, the rental company normally will take care of the documents but in other situations you can download the form from here:

On the Lao side for the temporary import of your Thai registered vehicle you have to show the Registration book (Green for bikes and Blue for cars) and they will print out the green form called the "Customs Declaration for Temporary Imported Passenger Vehicle" (shown below).

Again (under section D of the form) it shows the time you are allowed to keep the vehicle in Laos as well at the bottom of the form the fines in case you keep it longer in Laos (Between 5$ - called "Reasonable" and 10$ called "Not reasonable" - not sure if this is the fine per day or per occurrence)
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