Crusty Quinns - 21/05/11 - Micks Training Ride


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Jan 23, 2011
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I have been asked to add some of our reports to this section.
Anyone coming to Perth in West Aus is welcome to join us for a ride.
We might even be able to find someone to lend you a bike if needed.

Micks Training Ride
North of Perth

Meet spot: OVT 8am booted up Dist: 208.5ks

Report by: Andy400

For this day out I thought an abbreviation for the ride name may cover it well, the WC for the West Coast trip coming up and it was to be 200ks and WC, the smell to come later.

Nice crisp morning for a meet and greet as per the plan, As normal, the more experienced CQ's making the newer CQ's in myself and Wayno feel right at home. The usual gossip and tyre kicking banter and again I've picked up some more good knowledge.

Out and about the fast tracks in the morning chill is a good wake up call and gets you wanting more punishment to warm up, some sandy tracks raise the effort level and start to forget about being cold. Got no idea where I'm going but have faith in the experience of Mick450 up front and Fueltanker Allan sweeping with good company in the middle. About 50ks in it's time to fuel up, food up and empty out ready for the really good stuff. The rain for the last two days has stopped the dust and improved traction, rider heaven.

Next section shows some more, free flowing dirt road opening up into the best riding area I've ever been, with the best surface perfectly prepped by Mother Nature. Tighter trails through the trees, some ruts and divots with some of the last 2 days of rain still soaking down. A little mud of the slippery type in patches to test the brake and throttle control finesse.

Road covered with water up front and two riders down, I pull up and before even thinking of help I reach for the camera, what a bastard hey. They're all good as the steam clears, just wet. How wet you may ask? Very wet I would say. Are the path cleared I fired up the might Drz and gave it and me the first of taste crossing water. Turned out it was not a crossing for me at all but the baptism I was due. Lesson 2 - water is flat but the ground is not, that's why the water is there. Seems clear now!

Lesson 1 - if someone is sent ahead to take photos - man up get ready for carnage. Got this from my first CQ ride. First photo opportunity gives FT Allen a head start up a rocky hill with the hard way and the impossible way paths. Most normal level-headed people at this stage may turn back but not a CQ. It's the hard or no way and the hard way is dooable (able to be done?) but there is always one. Wrex and the freshly white trimmed WR shows us the no way right up to the top, well almost.

A gallant effort and a dignified retreat down again. He does it again, now that's balls, and this time not only makes it up, but also throws in a ballet trick at the end. I think it was a 360, as the front wheel only made the one pass if front of my face - "New plastics, must not let go!"

Some more twists and turn and ups and downs and great fun. Hang on, now FT Alan is heading of in front after a talk with Mick and TigeR has taken on sweep duties. A few gullies coming up and FT has gone ahead with the camera, sensing danger. Following the trail I come to a gully, look up, no Allan, head down and concentrate. Not to bad. Next gully looking meaner, look up, no Allan, head down and concentrate, harder. Next gully looking meaner again, look up, and still no Allan, head down and concentrate, harder. Next gully SH*T, look up, Allan, SH*T, head down and concentrate. 3 goes for me. It's never good starting at the bottom as the Actress said to the Bishop.

Great 110ks and back for some fuelling. WaynoVB back tyre is looking flat and we try out some instant fix puncture in a can. Seems okay.

Head of back to home/cars and the body is feeling its had a good work out, some sand and flat tracks to cap off a wonderful ride. Onto sand and the familiar pine needles with few nasties. Mick, our fearless leader is stuck? What's this? Okay it's just some water to cross that Mick must have caught a bad line on. This is the other smelly part of the WC title. Three people later and some hard pushing and the blockage is cleared (pun intended) and now number 2 is stuck. Hang on this is looking worse than it appears. TigeR heads of for look around for another way through. Going to do this, it's the way home, be positive and I came close but veer off at the last moment and decide to go - hell anywhere I can stay upright would be good at this point. Knee deep in this stuff but upright the odour has become apparent and the need to have made it through seems as if it should have demanded that little bit more effort/balls. Wrex to the part and last one through makes it all the way again only to head of course to a tump that promptly shoves him sideway. Time to lay down and have a well-earned rest.

For maximum effort and determination ROTD and for the graceful dismounts SOTD must go to Wrex.

Tubes are better than instant puncture fix in a can and a change of tube for Wayno gave time for the construction of the first CQ tepee and rumoured to be the new clubhouse. I have still to see photos. Back on the trail and some fast sand and dirt road back to base. Note to the Guy on the quads with his wife and daughter. Put your helmet on your head, hanging it off the seat won't save your arse and set an example for your kid at least.

All back safe, no impending hospital visits required, no major bike surgery needed and a f@rking good time!




























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Jan 11, 2011
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If it is like that in the photo's - it's always at least twice as bad when actually there , that looks horrendous, great story guys!
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