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Oct 15, 2014

perhaps some of you has the same problem.

allways looking for new gadgets and stuff and never happy with the finds in local shops .

So i order many things oversee and the next Problem starts .
Ordering a single item makes most of the Time no sense depent on shipping costs.
Bundeling is the solution but ,
one shop has item A ,B and C , the next X and Y and some things are nowhere to find.

That double or triple the shipping costs.

Now i found this: a Online Shop in Hongkong in english or German ,Italien or what ever your language is.

Check it out :

You need some new gadgets for your GoPro , choose from 1322 items . Best GoPro Accessories for sale at Dealextreme - DX
A security camera ? over 1000 to choose from
A LED Flashlight ? more then 2000 to chose from :Cheap LED Flashlight for sale with low price at Dealextreme - DX
A motorcycle Intercom , they have it Shop online for the highest quality and cheap Motorcycle Interphone at Dealextreme - DX
Camping Gear ? They have it : Cheap Camping Accessories Supplies, Hiking Gear for Sale - DX
HID/LED Lights and Bulbs for the bike or Car ? Hot sale! Motorcycle Lighting with cheap price at Dealextreme - DX
Motorcycle Apparel : Cheap Motorcycle Racing Apparel/ Gloves/ Helmet for Sale from China at Dealextreme - DX
need a rugged waterproof phone : Special Phones - DX
Or a Internet HD TV Player for TV in your language and without True charges ( They work great by the way )
Or some thing for the GF:Buy Cheap Women's Clothing & Shoes at Online Store - DX or youstranglingto make she happy that you spend much money

and much much more .
basicly everything you ever see in places like MBK or Pantip and much more .

O.K. every thing is made in China , but thats most of the stuff we buy here anyway.

And free delivery to Thailand
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