CFMoto Finally Rolling Out In Thailand


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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
Honda CRM-AR 250, Honda CRF 250-L, Suzuki V Strom XT 650 Honda xr250 Baja
The days of sniggering at the poor quality motorcycles made in China looks to be coming to an end since the partnership of CF Moto & KTM last year was announced. The first of the models are now becoming available and only time will tell as to how long KTM will be shipped in on the back of these models.

A local dealer in Phan near Phayao has revealed prices and specs of the 250 model, priced at under 100k baht !!

The Garage Motorism - Phan, Chiang Rai

📍 Cfmoto 250 NK. There are 2 models to choose from.
The Standard Model is red (Garnet Candy Red) and blue (Emperor Blue).
Abs Model is black (Jasper Black) and Silver (Aquamarine Silver)

❤ cf moto 250 nk price 87,500 baht
** free down 🔷 installment for 3,822/36 draw.

❤ cf moto 250 nk abs price 95,500 baht
** FREE DOWN 🔷 INSTALLMENT 4,172 / 36 draw

The 650MT, ADV style bike comes in at 188k baht, it should make other manufacturers up their game in the face of these prices.





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Jul 3, 2013
Shandong (China)
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For the last 10 years living in China.
I have been a happy proud owner of many CFmoto models

1. 250 c.c Jetlux
2 . 650 c.c. TR
  1. 650.c.c. TRG
  2. 650.c.c. MT

The TRG I rode back to the UK from China and back again.
Clocking up over 45.000 km in 20 weeks.
Sold the TRG with over 75K for the MT which I still have currently with over 45 k.
From a person who knows the brand IMO it's worth considering.

The new CFmoto 450 and 650 GT which is a new model looks like a winner IMO.

I can't say I had no issues with any of the models.
But the later ones was limited to very minor problems.
And the further CFmoto goes with there bikes, the better there are getting.

Are there as good as the big Japanese 4?
But very very close.

Hopefully with CFmoto coming to Thailand , KTM will be apart of the showroom set up.

Fingers crossed.
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