California Town Bans New Gas Stations, County Seeks To Follow Suit


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Jun 4, 2018
As great swaths of California burn again this year, much of the local conversation revolves around climate change and what can be done to slow it. One town in the wine country thinks banning construction of new gas stations and new gas pumps is a step in the right direction. Petaluma, one of California’s oldest […]

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Mar 7, 2014
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I wouldn't call that a "step in the right direction". Sounds more like Communism. Eventually, you won't be able to find gas at all.

It's the same in Australia. For years now they've been removing petrol/gas stations from inner city and suburban areas and not replacing them. This forces motorists to drive an extra 5-10km to find a pump. Unlike in Thailand, where they're constantly building new ones and in many areas you'll find all 4-5 major brands next to one another, in Australia, there are entire suburbs in the major cities without a single pump. 20 years ago, you had intersections with 2-3 different service stations and now there are none; replaced by ugly high-rises or multi story apartment buildings.
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