Book2wheel vehicle rental website


Oct 2, 2019
Denmark is an online portal for sharing motorcycles and cars. Motorcycle and car rental services are now available in most cities and islands in the Philippines. Simply go to the website and choose book now, you can see the detail information, price and specific location of the motorcycle or car. With this website, the Philippine motorcyle rental is super easy!

The following is a detailed description of the steps:

First, please visit the company website Then select the motorcycle rental location , choose pick up time, and return time on the website. Then click on Search , select the model you are most interested in, click on the book (book-now), you will receive the booking information and pay 20% of the booking fee. Finally, meet the owner of the motorcycle , pick up the motorcycle, and pay the remaining amount to start your romantic journey!

You can also rent out your own motorcycle

Make money by renting a motorcycle

The simple steps are as follows:

Upload information and pictures of your motorcycle to

You will receive an e-mail reply approved

Finally, you will meet with customers who rent motorcycles , customers pay , pick up motorcycle, and finally return your motorcycle. You will earn your extra income by renting out your own motorcycle at!




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