Bird Day Boutique hotel in Mukdahan


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Nov 17, 2013
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Just done a few days ride in the lower Issan area.
Found the Bird Day Boutique hotel in Mukdahan.
650 Baht a night through
We were blown away by this place, brand new, secure parking, big room, top quality fittings. He has beds that were that comfortable, I am looking for the distributor in Thailand to get one. (Dream Master Pocket Spring) Same matresses as in the big Bangkok hotels. Lots of nice touches in the rooms.
There is a Big C next to the hotel and Robinsons is a 1 km walk the other way.
Nice friendly owner and staff.
We normally stay in the Riverfront, this place knocks it for 6.


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Jun 16, 2014
BKK, Thailand
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Staying there now. Agree, great place and the bed is amazing, especially compared to the straw filled slab I slept on in Laos last night.

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