A few years on and a Coffee Shop


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May 21, 2014
E Yorkshireman divided between Chum Phae and Iraq
non at the moment
Its been a long time since I have posted, things have been quite busy. But I have been lurking. I have been and still are working in Iraq but I should be retired by the end of August 22 at the latest.
Then I can get the bikes I am looking at and get travelling about with Ohm, my wife and start adding to the site again I hope
We have built a house, outside kitchen, bike room and 2 outside bedrooms then finally Ohm has opened the Coffee Shop.
We are on Google Maps and Earth.

So if you are passing then please pop in and grab a brew, you're most welcome. We are in Chaiyaphum Province, near Chum Phae - coords lat 16.504323 lon 102.036437

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