250 modekls cancelled and other confusing news from triumph


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Jan 13, 2011
Triumph have built 2 new factories over last 3 years , one in India is able to build up to 300,000 bikes a year and a new plant in Thailand, factory 4 has also been built , both to make the new 250 models.

Today it has been announced that the 250 models are to be cancelled !!!!

the india factory is only making a few thousand bikes a year for India market and the thai 250cc plant has not made a single bike???!!

The new 250cc model have been cancelled

Some of this came from MCN and other bits from indian business sources

reason triumph have given is equally confusing ,, apparently the Thai market is now oversubscribed for 250cc models ... and that triumph are not competetive in this market ??? thats very confusing as they spent £9m setting up the plant in Thailand and another £58m on the India plant ,,, very bizarre financials as that does not even count the at least £4.8m spent on 250 development ??

word is that they are still hamstrung in thailand by not having same deal as Ducati,Honda and kawasaki and so the bikes are classed as imports even though made here ,, thats totally mad if they actually went ahead and built all the new plant without a new BOI duty agreement in place and also does not explain the vast under utilised Indian plant ????

As triumph is privately owned company its possible that john bloor is using it all as a tax loss on his booming property business or that more UK production of big bikes may be offshored ????

May be they can sell these state of the art factories to rivals maybe thats the plan who knows ????

meanwhile triumph remain expensive in thailand and not good value .

im confused .:excuseme:
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