2020 Covid19 Road Closures in Chiang Rai province


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Feb 1, 2013
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Effective April 9 until April 30 the Governor of Chiang Rai has ordered the closure of the following roads:
1. Highway No.# 109 (A. Maesuai - A. Fang) at km 33+425 T. Padad A.Maesuai Chiang Rai
2. Highway No.# 1150 (A. Phrao - A. Wiangpapao) at km 53+000 T. Banpong A.Wiangpapao Chiang Rai
3. Highway No.# 1202 (Phayao - A. Padad) at km 33+922 Ban Rongbong Tai T. Sripho-ngern A. Padad Chiang Rai
4. Highway No.# 1292 (Saitoon - Maeloirai) at km 29+100 Ban Jamkhrai T. Maeloi A. Therng Chiang Rai
5. Local Highway No.# CR3037 (a side road from Highway No.# 118) at Ban Maimogjam A. Maesuai Chiang Rai
6. Local Highway No.# PY4024 (a side road from Highway No.# 1126) at Ban Tungtonsri A. Padad Chiang Rai
7. Local Highway No.# PY2025 (a side road from Highway No.# 1021) A. Therng Chiang Rai
For the original announcement in Thai, please see: https://www.dailynews.co.th/regional/767151

Source: US Consulate General Chiang Mai
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