100's of liters of diesel on R 120 to Phayao


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Jan 11, 2011
Chiang Mai, Thailand
2007 KTM 990 Adventure Suzuki DRZ 400
If you're headed to Phayao on R 120, be careful, today 100's of liters of diesel covering the road.

"If you know of anyone planning to ride or drive on the 120 to Phayao soon tell them to be very careful. Drove back from there today and there was a crash involving a bus and a pickup between the Chiang Rai Road and the waterfall at the point where the road is really wide on top of the hill. The bus spewed 100's of liters of diesel all over the road. It had not long happened when we got there and some of the cars we're struggling for traction to get past the accident. It will be lethal on a bike there for a while, especially if it rains".
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