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Thread: Off-road, 8 day, 1200 km, self guided GPS tours (north Thailand)

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    Off-road, 8 day, 1200 km, self guided GPS tours (north Thailand)

    After several years of observing the exponential growth in off-road riding in north Thailand (& we see most of them that come through Chiang Mai), it became obvious that rider's were immensely keen to go exploring and get remote, but found it hard to plan a decent off-road, multi day trip, involving looping a different way back to your start point.

    Legal, guided, motorcycle tours isn't for everyone and many won't come and ride off-road here, because up until now that was the only real option if you wished to maximize your riding and not waste time guessing on what "might" be a good ride, wasting your valuable free time.

    Photo: Alex Bell

    What we did this season was a test with some off-road riding friends that were coming to ride off-road in north Thailand, that had never ridden here before. We made, what we thought would be the best 8 day off-road, self guided GPS tour they could possibly do, covering the whole region.

    It was a bit of nail biter, waiting for them to come back, as we thought it was an awesome route covering trails with 60 river crossings & the next day a ride through some of the most huge refugee villages in Thailand. They got back to Chiang Mai & they absolutely loved it, they said don't change a thing, great news.

    What we have put together, is a 7/8 day (depending on riding skills), off-road, self guide GPS tour, covering 1,200km, which loops back to Chiang Mai. It covers some of the most fantastic off-road riding available in north Thailand with great destinations at the end of every day.

    What's in the off-road, self guided GPS tour package?

    1. North Thailand GPS map on SD card compatible with Garmin GPS devices.

    2. 8, daily off-road routes which will be downloaded to your Garmin device. The routes will auto route with the supplied north Thailand GPS map. Each day you pick the next route, simple as can be.

    3. A narrative package describing each days riding, accommodation, where to eat and points of interest.

    4. A detailed printed daily map showing, showing the zoomed area of your route for the day and surrounding trails.

    5. Rental of a Garmin GPS unit with pre-loaded routes for each day (deposit required).

    6. Hotel and restaurant reservations can be made for you in advance in each end of day destination.

    Below shows the huge off-road area involved in this package, the colored lines are the daily routes that will be ridden.

    Daily narrative explaining everything you will need to know - Hotels, eating, terrain description, its all there.

    Daily maps detailing the off-road route you will ride

    The above package is available for 7,000 Bht, it will be a trip of a lifetime with the peace of mind that every day is going to be an amazing day's off road riding.

    This package is currently available from Rider's Corner Bar & Restaurant, Chiang Mai, Thailand click here for location

    For more details, please email:

    riders.corner.cnx "at" gmail "dot" com

    IMPORTANT - A copy of your passport is needed at least 3 days before the self guided GPS tour commences as the tour needs to be registered and authorized by the Tourism Association of Thailand.

    Asian Motorcycle Adventures Co. Ltd.
    is registered, fully bonded and insured
    with the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
    International License No. 21-00553

    Full disclosure - I have a work permit with
    Asian Motorcycle Adventures Co. Ltd.
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    We have had numerous discussions with very experienced rider's in the region concerning whether this will hurt the legal, off-road, motorcycle tour operators in north Thailand.

    There are hundreds of rider's that would love to ride off-road in this region, but have no interest in having their hand held on the trails, this will bring this segment of off-road rider's to north Thailand and we will only see riding grow from this, there is very little overlap with the legal, off-road motorcycle tour companies.

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