It's better late than never...

I took 3 mates for a ride this year, they have been keen for a trip since I started doing these.
2 of them not the most confident or experienced of riders, so we may have been in for some... let's say different experiences.

Photos are from each day, but not neseccarialy in the correct order

Day 1 & 2
Chiang Mai - Huay Sai
Got the bikes & set them up ready for the off early tomorrow morning.
Two of the guys got horribly pissed & one of them stupidly ate a sandwich in one of the bars. Throwing up at a fuel stop, almost falling asleep on the bike & running off the road, needing to stop for emergency craps & a sleep.
2 hours to get through Laos customs, take 3 copies of everything, take 3 copies of everything, take 3 copies of everything.
Met some other riders booking into the guesthouse then later at dinner. Not the most talkaive or friendly person.